We are a group of Planet lovers and vegetarians/vegans who belive in saving our planet by going vegetarian and vegan. The reality is that consuming meat and dairy is the main source of polluting our planet. Our goal is to serve the healthiest Italian foods that are vegetarian and vegan, and help more people become vegetarian and vegan by showcasing the amazing vegetarian and vegan options.

Currently we serve 12 types of vegetarian pizza, also all can come vegan. Of course, any customer has the opportunity to create her or his own personalized pizza. We have Chicago deep dish pizza. We have amazing vegetarian lasagna, delicious homemade pasta, like pesto fettuccine, and vegan meatballs.

On our drink/cafe side, we serve Starbucks coffee, freshly brewed in our cafe with professional espresso machines.

We also serve ice creams, and we make fresh cookies a few times every day!

The possibilities are endless. If you have a recipe that you want to try, our chefs may make it for you!Also the restaurant is pet friendly! Come with you family and bring your pets too!